What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Waking Up At 5 AM?

Why do I keep waking up at 5am spiritually

What should you do during the hour of spiritual awakening?

  • Take a long and deep breath.
  • Repeat this process at least three times while listening to your body.
  • You will feel the energy flowing through your body. Do not resist it; instead, embrace it and let it flow to enable you to make the necessary changes required to attain your potential.
  • Close your eyes, relax and try to see the world through your mind’s eyes. Pay attention to any message that appears. It might be numbers, letters, or symbols. And make sure to remember all you see.
  • Make a mental note to work on the message tomorrow. If you can go back to sleep, it means that you have absorbed the message. But if you find that you cannot go back to sleep, repeat this process from the beginning.
  • If you can’t decipher the message no matter what you do, try practicing meditation to help open up your mind.



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