What Does ASE Mean Spiritually?

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2 min readSep 22, 2022

Ase, pronounced as Ashe or Axhe, is a spiritual word of affirmation with its origins in the Yoruba tribe of Nigerian people. It forms an integral and sanctimonious part of their belief system and is often used for praise.

The Origin Of Ase

Ase has its roots firmly planted in the Yoruba culture. The Yoruba people are a community in Nigeria with an elaborate system of beliefs, spiritual connotations, gods, divinities, and deities.

It is not unusual that they have such a strong exclamation of faith manifesting their heart’s desires.

The Yoruba people are believed to have descended from Arabia through Egypt, settling on the Western horn of Africa.

That is why they mainly have several religions. There is Islam, Christianity, and African traditional religions. All these religions are intensely spiritual in their proclamations, making the word ‘Ase’ feel right at home.

Other tribes have borrowed it, and it is not uncommon to hear a Nigerian who is not a Yoruba use the same term in their speech. Yoruba people living outside Nigeria are heard using the term generously, symbolizing identity whenever they are away from home.

Spiritual Meanings of ASE

Ase here has solid spiritual backing from the Islamic and Christian religions. It is proclaimed out loud, with conviction and surrender. It is said at the end of a prayer, a wish, a lamentation, or a supplication.

Ase is directed to a Supreme Being whose actions and decisions must be accepted without further bargaining or badgering because it is an all-knowing Being.

In the African Traditional Religion of the Yoruba people, Ase was and still is directed to the spiritual Deity of Olodumare, or Olorum, who is the single Deity that rules over Earth and the whole universe whose wish cannot be overturned or overruled.

Whatever Olorum wills, the Yoruba people submit to it.

Ase is also proclaimed when we call people to action. When we mobilize a community or a group of people to come out and stand for something that will benefit a larger group, Ase is proclaimed to psyche up the people and drive them to believe in the cause or task at hand.

When chanted continuously during a call to action, people fall into a trance, taking great pleasure and satisfaction in being part of the action that creates the change desired for or by them.

Ase forms a spiritual part of a community’s psyche and drives them to help each other or stand together in times of adversity. The Yoruba people say Ase when they need to work together or collaborate to outwit an outsider.

Ase is heavily used in art, especially songs and dances that accompany agricultural activities.

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